Act - Writing - Domain 2: Development and Support

Domain 2: Development and Support

This domain concerns how well you form your own perspective and the kind of support you provide for it in your essay. Evaluators want to see how well you can take the perspectives of others and use them to support your own or use your perspective to refute the ones of others. You’ll need to dig for statements in the given perspectives and use them specifically in your own argument.


In your essay, you cannot just make blanket statements and move on. Plan to present each of your arguments, one at a time, supporting each with evidence from the text and your viewpoint. Keep in mind that evidence from the text could include author statements that you believe are invalid or faulty. Just be sure to back up your claims with your own evidence statements.

Clarity of Reasoning

As you write, analyze what you are proposing in an “if-then” manner. If what you say is true, does it necessarily follow that something else you say will be valid? Are you sure of the connection and its validity, in various circumstances and under various conditions? In other words, could a reader of your argument see the connection easily?

Qualifications and Complications

Instead of just presenting each point in one context, be sure to mention things that could make your argument invalid. These include conditions and circumstances, perhaps not mentioned by the author. Don’t be afraid to list one or two conditions under which your argument would not work. This is evidence of your thinking and reasoning skills.