Act - Writing - Domain 3: Organization

Domain 3: Organization

Organization is important during both the planning and writing of your essay. During the short (5-minute) planning session you allow yourself, try to sketch out your main points and put them in a reasonable order. Think about your approach to the essay and what you want to accomplish. Then, as you write, keep the details in mind: How are you going to present a convincing, well-thought-out argument? What strategies can you use to achieve your overall purpose? Add these details where appropriate.


A good author has a strategy in mind when writing. You have been given the purpose for this essay: to present your view on three essays written by others, so that part is set. But how are you going to go about it? Essay readers will be looking for this strategy when evaluating your work.

Controlling Purpose

Be sure that everything you write in your essay speaks to your argument. Be careful to stick with the task and not be tempted by a related subject. If it doesn’t bolster your argument in some way, leave it out. But search thoughtfully for things that do apply to your purpose.

Logical Sequence

Sequence in writing is part of strategy. How will you structure your piece to achieve the desired result? You should present your strongest argument point first, or build to a climax by slowly going from least impressive point to the most definitive one. You should allude to all of them in the introduction, or at least mention that there are “several” or “many” reasons for the position you take.


Part of writing a convincing argument is being able to move from one point to another in a smooth, seemingly uncontrived manner. A writer does this by making some sort of reasonable connection between paragraphs. Don’t just start every paragraph as if the previous one did not exist. The need for smooth transitions could affect the sequence you choose, as well. Some things tend to be more easily related or eased into with words.