All ACT Question 4

There are many reasons to see I Heart Huckabees, Jason Schwartzman's performance being one reason.

Jewelry is an accessory used by members of all classes including watches, necklaces and earrings.

A growing technology trend is to merge multiple devices with complimentary functions such as a phone, music player and the scheduling features of a planner.

Learning a new language can be difficult for people after one reaches a certain age; abilities needed to retain and apply new linguistic information deteriorate with time.

Most of my favorite movies contain slapstick humor, however physical comedy is not the only way to make me laugh.

In countries such as China the government is recognizing the advantages of a capitalist market rather than communism and adjust economic policy accordingly.

A consummate gentleman, Stefan's etiquette and social grace was unmatched.

During the summer many students go away to summer camps that teach them skills about camaraderie, perseverance and integrity.

The argument between Paarin and me about the dent in his car continued until the early morning.

Sports are a significant part of life for people all across the world, as was demonstrated in 2006 when billions of people came together to be involved with the World Cup either through playing, watching or thru advertising.

In many cultures they consider fish eggs a delicacy.

Determine whether the underlined portion of the sentence below is correct or whether it needs to be revised.
Firefighters and police officers risk their lives often by stepping into the way of danger physically; therefore, professionals such as doctors and lawyers have an equally significant impact on individuals’ lives medically and legally.

For every song that is a hit, it is critical to have a quality “beat” and quality lyrics; however, music companies hire professional producers and song writers.

Natural disasters have been increasingly effecting nearly every part of the world in the past decade with catastrophic tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis.

Fleeing the horde of zombies on foot, an apparently safe building became visible to the terrified couple.

Lockers in schools are often dilapidated, making student’s valuables susceptible to theft.

Yesterday I fell down the stairs and then tried to act like I did so on purpose.

Even though I have seen the movie countless times, I still laughed when the sheriff throws his mug.

Concerns about global warming have grown into actual efforts sanctioned by non-governmental organizations and governments that not only work to understand global warming and also to prevent it.